Friday, July 25, 2008

Better living through misrepresentation

By now, I presume everybody has heard about the new healthier alternative side order that has been added to Burger King kids meals, "Apple Fries". Presumably, everybody also knows that these are really fresh apple slices and are not fried at all. So why are they called fries? Well, the way they're cut and served, they kind of look like a regular serving of french fries. That's kind of cute, I guess, and it could make it more appetizing to kids. Kudos to Burger King for making an attempt to change the bad eating habits of children. But is this approach of making something you need resemble something that you just want one that can...or applied elsewhere, for the benefit of adults as well as kids? We as a society have pretty much demonstrated that we don't have any self control whatsoever. Maybe we need to be tricked into saving ourselves. Think about it, we could have:
  • Salads that look like lasagna
  • Orange juice that looks like cocaine
  • Trigonometry text books that look like Xboxes
  • Philosophy lectures that look like NFL games
  • Oral hygienists that look like strippers
  • Trade schools that look like Hooters
  • Churches that look like Hooters
  • Hooters that look like hooters

The possibilities are endless...

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Gadzooks64 said...


"Hooters that look like Hooters!"

Well played, sir.