Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cut me off, I've hit my limit

I think I might be done attending meetings, conferences, seminars and classes of any kind. Reason being, I just can't take any more of the people who think the whole purpose of the gathering is for them to talk about themselves. I've talked about this subject before but I really think I'm truly fed up now. I don't have the patience anymore and it's just not good for me. Any benefits derived from the good information and networking opportunities to be found, are always just drowned out and negated by the spotlight monopolizers who apparently didn't get enough show-and-tell time when they were kids. "Look at me! Listen to me! Ngyanh, ngyanh, ngyanh, ngyanh...." These people inspire mentally unhealthy and physically unlikely fantasy scenarios in me. Work out your childhood issues elsewhere and spare me the relentless, self-serving gum flappage before I start feeding you feet-first into your own woodchipper-like maw, ok?
You know who I'm talking about (hopefully you do anyway; I pray I'm not the only person in the world this happens to. That would be a very special Rod Serling-esque hell on earth). They're the people whose fascinating life experiences are so intertwined with the subject matter that you wonder why they're not leading the discussion in the first place. Unless they aren't those people. They could just be random blowhards who get off on interjecting themselves into every conversation whenever they feel like it, just because they feel like it. "Please allow me to take this opportunity, and by take, I mean literally, since none was offered, to disrupt the exchange of ideas and pertinent information to tell everyone how I invented parentheses or some such nonsense. Ngyanh, ngyanh, ngyanh, ngyanh...." Hey, no! No! Up yours, ok? You're about to invent bleeding from the ears. Oh wait, what's that warm trickle I feel? Too late, you already did. Looks like my brain is liquefying itself in an attempt to destroy the parts of it that have to process what you're spewing. Man, I was going to use those parts for other stuff too!
No, I think it's probably healthier if I just stay home from now on.


Auntie Joan said...

You are NOT alone, but you may be a voice crying in the wilderness...all I can say is AMEN !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

eccentric people always shoot their mouths off ::}} - the "others in the crowd" just need to "politely" ask/shout other questions! - I feel (felt) your pain the other day dear ::}} - do not despair