Sunday, August 10, 2008

Criss Angel update

Well, it's been just under two weeks since illusionist Criss Angel defied death by escaping from the condemned Spyglass Inn in Clearwater Beach. Here's an excellent video:

Breaking news, I've just been given this correct? It is? Yes, it is confirmed, the building is still imploded. We will update this story if it develops.

This stunt created quite a hubbub around here. It was all anybody talked about for a few days and it's still a popular topic of discussion. There was sort of an Emperor's New Clothes phenomenon as people, in an effort to not look like rubes, I guess, went way overboard in their efforts to declare the event as (GASP!) fake, thereby firmly establishing themselves as yokels instead. Judge for yourself:

"What a hoax, he wasn't in the building, there is no way. I will never watch Criss Angel again. What a waste of time!!!"

"Not only will I never watch anything Criss Angel does, I am boycotting any other of these stupid stunts and A&E for the rest of my life..."

"I hope he burns in hell. A locksmith would have been out of there in one minute. This thing was complete BS from the start and I'm embarrassed that I even looked at it. I will never watch A&E again so whatever rating they got out of my viewership will be lost forever..."

(The source for these quotes, and other stellar commentary from some of the local Mensa prospects, is this blog entry from the St. Pete Times)

Scathing! I don't think A&E will ever recover.

But it wasn't just the great unwashed tripping over each other in their zeal to be mythbusters. Check out this report from our local Fox affiliate, displaying the smug gravitas you might expect from investigative reporters who had, say, confirmed beyond doubt that
Oswald acted alone...

...well, they did mention a grassy knoll.


Anonymous said...

Skyfox is equipped with a, what did he call it? Zoom?
You magnificient bastards!
Does NASA know you have access to that kind of technology, Channel 13???

citizen jane said...

Is it wrong that I was rooting for the building in this showdown... probably.

Anonymous said...

Truly funny! Keep blogging, loved it!