Friday, March 19, 2010

Still sick

It's been an interesting, if not productive (I've been working and laying in bed and absolutely nothing else; I'm off today so I'm up long enough to write this and then back to bed I go), week. It started with an opportunity that may still come to fruition but which I have talked myself into believing that I can't possibly be qualified for. After all, they're talking to other people too; what are the realistic odds that if they talk to five other people, they won't find that at least four of them that are much better than me?
It ended with the implementation of a new policy at work that places new restrictions on taking vacation, and it came out the day before the following week's schedule, during which I had requested vacation time. I never actually planned on taking vacation; I put the request in to prove a point to someone who suggested that I really need to take some time off. So I did so, even though I knew the outcome before I even filled out the paperwork. After all, I'm not allowed to take bathroom breaks. I know they're not going to let me have entire days off with pay.
In between, I was "asked" to work extra hours to cover someone else's time off. Ooh! Irony!"Asked", in the same way you might "ask" someone on a rapidly sinking ship if they'd like to go for a swim. After one of those later-than-already-late shifts, I stopped on my way home to help a lady jump start her car. Based on my previous experience with karma, I believe this means the next time someone screws me, they'll be wearing a festively colored condom.
Hope is a sucker's bet and nice guys finish last, kids.
Nighty night.

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