Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's not just baseball season...

Yay! It's spring time! Baseball! Flowers! Exclamation points!
But a residual from all this springtime activity that isn't quite so exciting: allergy season. I live in an apartment complex that is absolutely infested with trees and they are generating pollen like the government is giving them money to do it. From what little I know about science, pollen serves exactly two purposes...
  1. To assist bees in making honey
  2. To assist your face in having red, itchy eyes and a nose that sneezes every 10 minutes.

That's it. If it isn't doing either of those two things, it looks for ways to get in trouble. Such as vandalizing cars. With so many trees and so few after school programs to effectively mentor them, every car in my parking lot is green and fuzzy like a tennis ball. Here are some pictures...

Piles o' pollen. I thought pollen was supposed to be microscopic. Maybe these are seeds or seed pods or something that serves as a pollen carrier. Or maybe our trees make chunky style pollen. I don't know. What I also don't know is how the lawn maintenance guys can come through here three times a week, running multiple leaf blowers for four straight hours at a time and there's still THIS MUCH of the stuff amassing all over the place. Ah, the mysteries of science and lawn maintenance.

Here's my car. From this angle, and by comparison to others, it's not that bad. You can sorta see a greenish tinge against the gray. But when you're sitting behind the wheel and looking out over the hood, it's like you're lining up a combo on a billiards table.

This car is black. Honest.

This car is green, but it's not normally THIS green.

Kinda gross, huh?


I saved the best (worst) for last. I should point out that none of these cars spend a great deal of time parked in the complex for days at a time. They're not abandoned or sitting up on blocks (although mine probably should be). These cars are driven by their owners every day, believe it or not.

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