Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lights! Camera! Action!

It's become apparent that my life is just so doggone interesting that chronicling it with mere words and still photography just isn't enough. No sir, these are the kinds of high adventures and deeds of derring-do that need to be captured and preserved in motion pictures! Specifically, old-timey silent movies. Here are two such examples (produced, directed, filmed and edited by the dynamically talented duo of K & R*, with whom I am pleased to combine forces to create one truly dangerous trio) that are not featured on my IMDB page...yet.

The Laundry Lament (Yay! McNatt's dry cleaning!)

here to see it via YouTube)

A Pilgrimage For Hooters (Yay! Lynne Austin!)

here to see it on YouTube)

* If you look carefully, you can (sort of) see both of them in these clips.

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Jordi said...

A spectacular showing! Bravo!