Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Campaign update: It's over!

Remember yesterday when I issued a call to action, for you to vote for me in two categories ( Best Local Blogger and Best Local Personality to Follow on Twitter) in the 2010 Creative Loafing Best Of The Bay Reader's Poll? Well, you aren't the only ones I told. I also shared my intent to win the top awards in these two categories and why I clearly deserve to do so with Joran Oppelt, the Marketing and Promotions Director for Creative Loafing. And this was his reply:

"Good luck!!!" -- Joran Slane Oppelt July 27, 2010

That, ladies and gentlemen, is an official endorsement. Do you think "good luck" is the kind of thing you say to someone to placate them and send them on their way in the hopes that they don't bother you any more? Of course not. What the publisher of Creative Loafing is telling me is that the award is as good as mine. How many exclamation points do you see there? One? No, looks like two...wait,, it's three! This is nothing less than a solid gold stamp of approval from the president of Creative Loafing himself, with the unanimous backing of the entire board of directors.
We did it, folks! We did it!
Now, by all means DO NOT stop voting. That's actually the exact opposite of what's needed now. Sure, it's in the bag, but in the spirit of competition and sportsmanship, I'm not going to claim the prizes until they're officially awarded. And in that same spirit of competition and sportsmanship, let's really run those scores up. I mean, let's get downright Greg Wise-ish with it. The losers other nominees won't feel as bad if they see at the end that they never really had a chance of winning. So let's keep up the good work!

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