Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dirty tricks!

Well, well, well. Looks like someone has decided to play dirty, using their blog to solicit votes for Creative Loafing's Best Of The Bay 2010 Reader's Poll, which is something I thought of first and now that other people are doing it, I don't like it, which makes it a dirty trick. Who would stoop so low? None other than Catherine Durkin Robinson, that's who. Ms. Durkin (Or is it Ms. Robinson or is it both Durkin and Robinson? Who can trust someone who can't even pick a last name? What country was she not born in?) writes for Creative Loafing and won the award for "Best Female Contributor" last year but that has not sated her. No, this year she's soliciting votes in four(!!) different categories:
  • Best Contributor
  • Best Columnist
  • Best Blogger
  • Best Personality to Follow on Twitter
Two of those are the awards I want!!!
So don't vote for her. Don't read her blog. Don't follow her on Twitter. Don't even read her stuff on Creative Loafing. And for God's sake, don't stare at her boobs. That's just rude.
Instead, do all that stuff for ME (except I write for SB Nation Tampa Bay, not Creative Loafing, which is a fine, fine publication as well...and I kinda like it when you stare at my boobs).

Thank you again for your support, all of you good, decent, attractive and charming people.


kate said...

I like this! From one of my many email addresses, I just might vote for YOU for one of those categories.

That's right.

I rock.

Unknown said...

Yes, you really do.

(damn it)

Charles said...

Good Luck Clark!!! Consider this my endorsement.