Friday, August 27, 2010

Dumbest dream ever

Last night, I dreamed that there was a popular movie playing that featured a hilarious scene where Will Arnett drank Hershey's chocolate syrup straight out of the bottle. I was driving and I happened to see his wife, Amy Poehler walking down the street. I honked my horn, yelled "Hey Amy!" and pulled a large bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup out of my groceries and showed it to her. She gave me a look like "Oh yes, that's an excessively clever reference. Ha ha." I rolled up my window and drove away fast, feeling like an idiot.

Even in my own dreams, I'm a complete doofus.


Ruprecht said...

Your doofusness ... our entertainment.

Keep up the good work. And keep dreamin' ...

Marissa said...

I beg to differ. A dream featuring, in my opinion, two of the funniest people alive is NEVER dumb.

Hershey's from the bottle rocks!