Wednesday, August 04, 2010

From the vault (part 2)

Yesterday, was dark imagery, heavy symbolism and deep hidden meanings. Today is just good clean fun. This was a video that was shot in 2000 when I was with the Tampa Bay Rays (Devil Rays back then) as team mascot Raymond's bodyguard. I did that "job" for two years, playing Jerome to his Morris Day. I was mostly responsible for protecting people from Raymond (mostly by making sure he didn't blindly step on tots) than the other way around. But I also got to participate in some of the skits and other fun stuff too. Like this video, which was shown on the jumbotron between innings at games at Tropicana Field that season. Note my hilariously cheesy wardrobe: mustache, Oakley sunglasses and jean shorts, none of which was intended to be funny at the time.

If you can't watch it in the blog, click here.

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