Monday, August 29, 2011

So sorry if Hurricane Irene disappointed you

Some people believe that all the worrying about Hurricane Irene was nothing but a bunch of overblown, paranoic hype. So after decades of fear-mongering for fun and profit, too much hurricane preparation is where we're choosing to draw a line and get upset?
Okay, fine.
But just for the sake of perspective, I'd like to point out that when a potentially catastrophic tropical storm fails to deliver the expected level of catastrophiness, you end up with some extra bottled water and canned goods. However, when it does live up to the billing, you end up with this...
So heat up a can of SpaghettiO's and shut your yap.


Ruprecht said...

Dumbass whiners that whine incessantly that there was nothing to whine about.

Look: I was thrilled to the tips of my toes about "Carmaggedon" or whatever the hell it was called that hit Southern California mid-July (the 405 freeway closure that ws causing panic in and around Los Angeles.) It afforded me a terrific weekend out as well as som pretty spiffy photo opportunities. The whiners were out then, too.


When they're caught with their pants down, then they can whine. They'll still be whiners, but at least they'll have something to whine about.

Thing about whiners, though? They really don't need anything to whine about ...

Jeff Hickmott said...

"Catastrophiness" - love it!

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