Friday, August 12, 2011

We have a winner!

Being named Clark isn't always easy. It's something I've grown to be perfectly comfortable with but there have been struggles and challenges. References to nerdy comic book superhero alter-egos, delicious candy bars and nerdy, dysfunctional dads have been pretty standard and something everybody deals with in one form or another during their lives, especially when they're young. More problematic and psychological-complex-inducing was being excluded from the wide and wonderful world of chintzy name-imprinted novelty trinkets. That might not sound like a big deal but when you go into some souvenir shop and every other kid can pick up a bike license plate or a coffee mug or a key chain with their name on it and you can't, well, you can see how a young, impressionable, overly-sensitive child might think, "why am I not worthy of having my name on a refigerator magnet?" Of course, I've (mostly) gotten over it and as I've mentioned here before, this has turned into a fun scavenger hunt game for my friends, all of whom were initially reluctant to believe that "Clark" would be considered so obscure.
But so far, to their amazement (and amusement), they've come up almost completely empty. Often, they'll send me a report from the road, "Hey, we found a whole stack of travel mugs labeled 'Cleophus' but nothing with 'Clark'. Sorry. Ha ha ha ha!".
So the quest continues because stories like this one are the anomaly...until now.
Behold what Scott Allen Perry (aka "SAP") found and posted on Facebook the other day:

Better than a coffee mug, better than a key chain and yes, even better than a bike license plate. Those are mere souvenirs; this, THIS is an affirmation!

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