Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why my friend Jessie won't share photos with me

My dear, dear friend Jessie is truly one of the finest all-around people I have ever met in my life, and I'm being 100% sincere when I say that. You may remember her from her participation in Muffinquest, which should illustrate just how fantastic she is. She and her husband Paul are photographers who frequently shoot weddings. I've seen samples of their work and it's stunningly creative and beautiful.
My dear, dear friend Jessie refuses to share any of their wedding photography with me because of this blog. The photo below, which she did not take and was originally found here at Happy, is the reason why and proof that my dear, dear friend Jessie has extremely good judgment.
"Amelia, my darling bride, what's wrong? You look...pensive."
"Oh Nigel, my beloved husband. It''s..."
"Please darling, tell me what's wrong. We're man and wife now. I'm here for you. Is this not the happiest day of your life?
"Oh certainly! It is, it is indeed! It's just...oh, nothing."
"Was it the ceremony? Was releasing fourteen French turtle doves, each signifying a month of our engagement, as we recited our vows on top of a cliff while the surf crashed on the rocks below not an appropriate symbol of our love?"
"No, no, I loved the doves! They were ever so beautiful as they took flight against the backdrop of the sun setting over the azure tides."
"Well, was it the carriage ride? I instructed the driver to make haste yet to proceed slowly enough that all in attendance might gaze upon you as we rode off to our new lives together."
"No, my dearest, the carriage ride was divine. I felt like a princess!"
"Then what is it, my dear? What troubles you so?"
"Honestly, darling, It's nothing. I'm certain it will pass in a moment or two."
"Okay, but can you give me. like, four or five moments? Because I had a lot to drink at the reception and (*BURP*) this could take a while."


ronnyelliott said...

I just know that story was your second choice for that photo. Shame on you! And me!

RottenMom said...

Nah, I think she's bored as hell while he's all bow chicka wow wowing her from behind.

Why, it's Clark! said...

Ronny & Rotten (hey, you two should tour!): I consulted a professional photographer on what she thought they might have been going for and she said it looked like they were inspired by something they saw in Vogue magazine. But I prefer the bow chicka wow wow theory.