Friday, October 28, 2011

I feel pretty

This is a photo I took of my reflection in what's left of a mirror inside of a portable toilet.
What I thought was notable about this, and worthy of documentation in pictures and words, isn't that the mirror inside of a portable toilet is all jacked's that there's a mirror inside of a portable toilet. Because there are certain very specific circumstances under which you will ever find yourself in a portable toilet. Those being that, obviously, you're involved in some sort of outdoor activity (like attending a music festival or you're working on a construction site) and you're not drunk enough far too civilized to just do your business in a plot of weeds or behind a tree. Regardless, primping is not really something you're concerned about. You probably don't think you need to check your mascara before rejoining the mosh pit and/or cement mixing action. And yet, the manufacturers of portable toilets want you to look your absolute best after you finish peeing and pooping into their fetid tubs of toxic chemicals.
I think that's nice. 

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