Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Guest Author: Ronny Elliott

Tampa's own Ronny Elliott has mixed it up with some true legends of rock 'n roll: Van Morrison, the Dave Clark Five, Chuck Berry, Dion, Bo Diddley, Joe Ely, Patti Smith, the Coasters, Gene Vincent, the Allman Brothers, Kasey Chambers and Sly & the Family Stone among others. He even opened for Jimi Hendrix. That's enough degrees of seperation removed for me to be able to show up unannounced at Paul McCartney's house for Thanksgiving dinner, don't you think? Check out Ronny's stories from his career as a self-described hillbilly soul singer and much, much more at his blog, ronnyelliott. 

Suicide always seemed weird and dumb to me. Mean, too. I suppose that I always thought of it as a concept for losers and crazy folks. The first time that I ever had the blues so bad that I didn't think that I could stand it I changed my mind. Now I question the judgement of anyone who claims never to have considered the idea. Have you never loved? Don't you know about a broken heart? Have you never listened to George Jones fercrissakes?

Hug more people. Tell all of your friends that you love them. Visit the neighbor who appears to be lonely. Drop in at any nursing home and just wander the hallways speaking to the ones that you run into up and down the corridors.

Remember that cousin who got angry for some reason way back? Call her. Apologize. It doesn't really matter what happened. Who cares?

Send someone flowers.

Head down to Occupy Tampa and tell those brave souls how much you appreciate what they're doing on our behalf. While you're there, approach one of the police officers and introduce yourself. Tell him that you know how tough his job is and that you understand the difficult position that they're put in by the protests. Show them the same love and respect and gratitude that you have offered up to the protesters.

Surely, if there is any cure for the blues, handing out all your coupons for love must be it. I love you all. A lot.

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