Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Get to know A Conservative

Our Conservative's name is Cory Miller. He is 41 years old and is a Captain in the Air Force, stationed at Travis Air Force Base in California.

Why do you consider yourself a conservative?
Though classical liberalism is my ideal, and lately I've been tending to be libertarian, I consider myself mainly a conservative because I believe government is not the answer to societal ills. I believe, if given the chance, the innovative and creative intelligence and genius of the American people will drive the Nation towards economic and societal recovery.

Have you always been a conservative?
For as long as I've cared about politics, yes, I have.

Do you believe the other guys are bad people?
There are extremes in every niche of the political spectrum, but the majority of liberals are not bad people. I count many in my "inner circle"; several of my good friends and my favorite aunt are all liberals.

Do you think the other guys have any good ideas at all?
The ideas they have are usually in the interest of bettering the country, I just believe their ideas to be the wrong way to go. There is some compromise that needs to happen in all ideas.

Do you regard them as inferior in any way?

Would the world be a better place if they simply didn't exist?
No. The country was founded on the idea that no one person has the answer, and so dialogue is, I believe, vital to our political process, so long as civility and kindness are bestowed upon the opponent by both sides of the political debate/discussion.

Why is their opinion fundamentally flawed?
I believe it to be flawed because government is not the answer to everything. Further, I would argue the government is the answer to very little. Additionally, excessive income taxes of the most wealthy are not the answer to bring the lowest income class to prosperity.

Do you see any flaws in the philosophies you believe in?
Only a naive person wouldn't see flaws in their political beliefs.

Is there any point in taking opposing viewpoints into consideration?
Absolutely, more people involved cannot be a bad thing so long as they're interested in actual dialogue instead of aggressively pushing their dogma.

What would you say is your one biggest problem with the other guys?
My biggest issue with the opposition is actually with their views on tolerance. They claim the conservatives (Christian conservatives, in particular) are intolerant, then react with intolerance to the very people they accuse of being intolerant.

Is it more important to you that the causes and candidates you support win or that the opponents lose?
Candidates winning is more important.

Do you honestly believe that victory for your candidates and causes in elections is what's best for the greater common good of everyone, whether they necessarily like it or not, and if not, is satisfying the needs of a select few good enough?

Do you take pleasure in seeing your opponents lose? Like a hockey game, there is an amount of pleasure in seeing political opponents defeated, but like the hockey game, it's a better feeling for the candidate/cause I support to win.

What do you think your strongest reaction will be if a majority of your candidates and causes don't win? *

What do you think about pizza?
It can be good, but can be horrible.

What's one thing you think the other guys simply do not/can not/will not understand about you and your beliefs?
That conservatives do care for people even though we dislike governmental social programs.

Do you think they like pizza?
Probably--though I would say only the veggie-lovers. (KIDDING!)

What's one thing you think you simply do not/can not/will not understand about the other guys and their beliefs?
Why they don't allow conservative views into dialogue without spite or venom.

Can you envision a scenario where you and the other guys could sit down and enjoy a pizza together?
Absolutely. As I said above, I have several friends that are liberals.

* I realize this question is not phrased well. What I wanted to know was if anybody planned to move to Canada or load up on guns and ammo or any other really stupid kneejerk reaction. I was pleased that nothing like that came up.

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