Monday, August 20, 2012

New music and a reason to party!

A while back I mentioned my debut as a recording artist, singing back-up vocals on Ronny Elliott's forthcoming new album. Well, this Saturday we're takin' it to the stage! Ronny's album, titled "I've Been Meaning to Write" is his first in five years and will be celebrated with a release party at the Hideaway Cafe in St. Pete this Saturday night. $10 gets you in and also your very own copy of the album (on what the youngsters refer to as a "compact disc"). Ronny will be performing with special guests Chinese Mary Jane. Oh, and me. For one night at least (okay, probably only), I'm a member of a real live rock and roll band, along with Rebekah Pulley and Rob Pastore among others. Come on out, listen to some music, have some food and drinks and watch me get totally debauched. It's rock n roll; anything can happen! I can't promise that I will set a guitar on fire or do something really icky with a shark, but I can't promise that I won't either! Actually, I already promised Ronny that I wouldn't, so those things are kinda off the table, but I may go on stage with my pants unbuttoned...accidentally (wink!).

A note about The Hideaway(s):
Apparently there are two establishments with the same name in St. Petersburg. One of them is located at 1756 Central and is "an ORIGINAL music cafe and production studio serving craft beers, fine wines, pizzas, salads and sandwiches to complement our fantastic menu of local and national talent."  The other  is located at 8312 4th Street north and is "a "Cheers" kind of bar popular with the womyn but men are always welcome. Karaoke, live bands, friendly bartenders and a daily happy hour." Both sound like the kind of place where I would have absolutely no chance of picking up a date (albeit for different reasons) but only one is hosting Ronny's party, and that's the first one.

"I've Been Meaning to Write"
Ronny Elliott's new CD
Release Party
Saturday, August 25 - 8:00PM
Hideaway Cafe
1756 Central Ave., St. Petersburg FL 33712 
(727) 644-7895

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