Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get to know A Self-Described Conservative At Odds With The So-Called Tea Party

Our S.D.C.A.O.W.T.S.C.T.P's name is Sean Henry. He is 44 years old and says his job is to "sell some tickets and a few hot dogs" in "Smashville", which means he is the President/COO of the NHL's Nashville Predators. In the interest of full disclosure, he used to be one my many, many bosses.

Why do you consider yourself a conservative or liberal? A liberal conservative

Have you always been a conservative or a liberal?
I thought I was right of center a few years ago, but now as the pendulum has swung, I am pretty liberal.

Do you believe the other guys are bad people?
I think they show bad traits in trying to harness the far, far, far, far tea-bagged right.

Do you think the other guys have any good ideas at all?
Of course, lost often in their sound bites and political games.

Do you regard them as inferior in any way?
I do when it comes to social concerns.

Would the world be a better place if they simply didn't exist?
No, because you need a bad guy to have a good one; hello, ever watch superhero movies?

Why is their opinion fundamentally flawed? Greed and hate is not something that can make us a better country.

Do you see any flaws in the philosophies you believe in?
Of course, but my flaws hurt the few to benefit the masses.

Is there any point in taking opposing viewpoints into consideration?
There is when talking about solutions to create something better, but not to sacrifice just to compromise.

What would you say is your one biggest problem with the other guys?
Their desire to be back in power and that they are willing to align their views with anyone; see McCain in 2008.

Is it more important to you that the causes and candidates you support win or that the opponents lose?
I like winning. Someone has to lose though, so I am happy when it is not me.

Do you honestly believe that victory for your candidates and causes in elections is what's best for the greater common good of everyone, whether they necessarily like it or not, and if not, is satisfying the needs of a select few good enough?
No satisfying the masses should be the goal. The rest confuses me.

Do you take pleasure in seeing your opponents lose?
See above. Of course, because it means I won.

What do you think your strongest reaction will be if a majority of your candidates and causes don't win? * I would be saddened for our future.

What do you think about pizza?
C'mon, it's just like something else. There is no bad pizza but New York style is the best kind. If you can't fold it you are in the wrong region.

What's one thing you think the other guys simply do not/can not/will not understand about you and your beliefs?
That people really dont want to live in poverty, or that higher taxes will make rich people stop working.

Do you think they like pizza?
Yes, with tea bags on it.

What's one thing you think you simply do not/can not/will not understand about the other guys and their beliefs?
See above.

Can you envision a scenario where you and the other guys could sit down and enjoy a pizza together?
Every day at lunch, at work.

* I realize this question is not phrased well. What I wanted to know was if anybody planned to move to Canada or load up on guns and ammo or any other really stupid kneejerk reaction. I was pleased that nothing like that came up.

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