Friday, November 29, 2013

Purple Friday

In case you haven't noticed, there's a real backlash out there against "Black Friday" and "Screw it, we're just going to open up on Thursday". Not enough where you'd notice it by looking at the cars in the store parking lots, but still. There's going to be a lot of trampling going on, a lot of not buying stuff from local, independent merchants. That kind of thing makes you feel bad.
Here's a remedy:
Me. Specifically, my book. Buying my book as a gift is the opposite of all the things that make "Black Friday" so distasteful. Here's proof:
  • NO TRAMPLING - Sales all take place right here on the internet. You don't have to step on anybody's head and nobody will step on yours. Unless you want them to. I'm here to sell books, not judge.
  • I'M LOCAL - I live right here, in a neighborhood. Not in New York or Hollywood.  Not in a network of international warehouses. Not in "The Cloud". I shop at grocery stores and eat at nearby restaurants. I have neighbors. I root for the home teams in sports. I'm totally a local guy.
  • I'M INDEPENDENT - I do all this myself. Well, I had an editor for the book. And an illustrator. And a photographer. And a cover model. And a big company actually produced the books. But otherwise, me, all me.
Why buy a book?
  • Books are where movies come from!
  • Smart people read books.
  • Nothing fits on a bookshelf like books.
Why buy this book?
  • It's purple.
  • It's non-denominational. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Witches. They'll all be similarly appreciative to receive this as a gift.
  • It's flammable. Good if you're stuck in the woods trying to survive or if you're a fascist.
So there you go! All that's left is for you to buy the book! Here's how you can do that:
  • The store at 
  • Maybe you like big companies? If so, they don't get much bigger than Amazon.
  • Maybe you like slightly small independently owned bookstores where you can go actually go inside and shop, maybe have a glass of wine. Sure, who doesn't? In that case, visit Tampa's Inkwood Books
  • How about a personal touch? That's cool. If that's what you're looking for, hit me up and I'll get you one or a dozen. 
Remember, not one of these idiots is buying my book...

Don't be like these idiots.

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