Monday, May 11, 2015

If you can read this, you're invited

I'll set up a Facebook event invitation gizmo later because I believe there is now a law requiring you to do so if you are involved in any way with an event where people are expected to attend, but before that happens consider THIS as your special VIP earlybird invitation...

Come watch
Me, doing stand-up comedy
May 17, 2015 * 9:00PM
12938 N. Dale Mabry
Tampa FL

It'll be an open mic format, meaning I don't know exactly what time I'll be going on and it will be a short set, probably less than 10 minutes. It'll be basically the same routine I've been working with since I started doing this back in December or January or whenever it was.
So what's the big deal?
Well, I've been working on it pretty hard for a while now and I finally think I've got something worth sharing on a large(r) scale. Also, Side Splitters is my favorite comedy club (seen so many great shows there; Carl LaBove, Lynne Koplitz, Robert Kelly, Nick DiPaolo, among others) and this will be my first time on the main stage at not only an actual comedy club but my favorite club, so kind of a special deal for me which would be nice to share with friends. It would be cool if you could be there. Even if you're somebody who for whatever reason has stopped being my friend. I'd really like you to show up because I'd like to find out what that's all about. Wait, scratch that. We won't have time to get into it. Come anyway, though.

You don't have to buy tickets in advance (I don't get a penny of the gate money either way) but if you want to, you can by clicking THIS LINK RIGHT HERE! Don't sweat the price; there will be lots of really good local comedians so it will be worth it. Plus, I think it comes with a free drink and pizza or something.

Thanks. See you Sunday!

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