Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm back. And I need a vacation.

The NHL playoffs are over, the right team didn't win (although we came very, very close) and my life can now return to a manageable level, including the regular maintenance of this ol' blog. The last nine weeks has been wonderfully terrible. As a sportswriter and in the performance of my "regular" job I experienced extreme highs and severe lows. I wanted it to end differently but I'm glad it's all over, even though I already can't wait to go through it all again soon.

One thing I won't miss for a while is my playoff beard, as show here:
I didn't shave between April 12th and June 15th. It got really uncomfortable, and I don't even mean how hot and itchy it got. I'm pretty sure that at some point, it became a sentient, evil being and it was sneaking out at night and murdering hitchhikers. If there are dead bodies under my house, I'm going to know exactly why and it's going to be very hard to explain. But it's gone now. I cut it all off after the Lightning lost Game 6 and donated it to Locks of Loathing, a charitable organization that puts hair in nice people's food so they can learn to hate things. I feel good about that.

The other thing is I need a break. Because I'm exhausted. After all, the reason I wasn't here is because I was doing stuff elsewhere, generally putting myself through a meat grinder. Long days filled with hard work and extreme emotional swings. I am beat. I need to get away for, like, a three-day weekend and just relax. Ideally, to a place with a pool. Not too far away. And cheap. As in, free. Basically, who out there has a house with a pool where I can stay for three days? Hit me up.

Between now and then, yep, I'm back here and will resume pumping out new material, starting now-ish.

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