Friday, June 05, 2015

Late-breaking, last minute gratuitous stand-up comedy plug!

I didn't exactly lie about not having enough time to devote to anything but the Tampa Bay Lightning's quest to win a second Stanley Cup, but I decided yesterday that I am going to cram in a short stand-up comedy set at one of my favorite open mics, the tremendous "First Friday" show tonight at the fabulous Tre Amici @ the Ybor Bunker.
Support real, live people doing stuff in person!
I don't know if those exact people will be there (Look at 'em; some of them look like hipsters, don't they? Aw, don't be so judgmental like that. I'm sure they're nice. You're right, though; that one guy looks kinda douchey...) but I will, at some point, be standing under that enormous clock (I said clock, you pervs), attempting to take words with which you are familiar, coupling them together in combinations that will surprise you and thereby induce the LOLZ (I'm also going to try to get host Jim Barrett to take pictures of me and put them on the dang web site).

Join me, won't you? You won't? Why not?!?

First Friday
Friday, June 5 * 7:00PM
1907 19th Street

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