Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The summer jam of 2015 has arrived!

Members of the groups Uncle Kracker, Better Than Ezra and Sugar Ray, bands that you have loved... well, maybe not loved... bands that you have known to have existed at some point have come together to form a SUPER GROUP
The most appropriate illustration for 'super' in this context

called Uncle Ezra Ray! And if you think they used up all their creativity in coming up with the SUPER GROUP's name, oh boy, just wait until you experience the lyrics to what is sure to be the jammiest summer jam of summer '15! It's called "B.H.Y.B.", which stands for "Bring Your Hot Body" and it goes a little somethin' like this...

This song may sound familiar to you if you have ever loaded a handful of dog turds into a CD player and pressed play (no judgment here; who among us hasn't made regrettable decisions while huffing turpentine?).

SUPER GROUP Uncle Ezra Kracker are going to tour this summer, and wouldn't it just be fantastic if they did so with Smash Mouth?!?

Because it's not a food/music festival until somebody in a crowd of people throwing free bread yells "KICK HIS ASS, SEA BASS!". Can you even imagine the meta-ironic amazeballs-ness of being smashed in the mouth by the lead singer of Smash Mouth? Beats having a toad shoved into your wet sprocket, at least.

Basically, what I'm saying is these two things are SPECTACULAR and they need to happen TOGETHER at a fairgrounds nearby all summer long!!

God have mercy on our souls.

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Michael Noble said...

Mc. Ugh.