Friday, November 13, 2015

A final plugola for Sunday's show

Remember the time you saw that old lady fall down and you laughed and then felt bad, but then she jumped right up and told everyone she was kidding and you felt better, and then she was hit by a truck because she had jumped up and into the street, and you weren't sure if you should laugh or not because she might be kidding again but you figured out eventually that she wasn't so you didn't? This will be a lot like that except it will be okay to laugh at everything because no old ladies will die*.

Sunday, November 15 at 7 PM.
Side Splitters
12938 North Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 960-1197

Click right here for the crazy-ass low, low price of a lousy $5, using my initials (CB) as the promo code.

(* There are no guarantees in life; one old lady might die. Maybe. Or two. Probably. Three at the VERY MOST. What I'm saying is I will be personally responsible for the deaths of at least four old ladies.)

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