Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey, thanks!

At the risk of coming off as unctuous or smarmy...

With the state of current events being as crappy as it is (You guys are aware that the state of current events is crappy, right? I hope so because this concept has no legs if you're not. You are? Oh good. I don't mean "good", I mean... never mind), it's truly a privilege to be given the opportunity to help a roomful of people who don't know each other laugh about stuff for a while. So to those of you who have come out to a show, those of you who keep coming out to shows and those of you have supported me in any way at all, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to provide a level of therapeutic relief from whatever crap that's making things crappy for you. It may be funny business but I take it seriously.

Sincerely, Thank You.

That's my time. Don't forget to tip your servers.

PS: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I advanced to the third round of the tournament. More fart jokes and at least one silly video coming your way soon.

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