Friday, November 20, 2015

My love affair with Kymatic Studios continues!

"Kymatic Studios is a progressive and versatile space in the Warehouse Arts District. We are an art gallery, a workshop, a music venue and teaching space. It is a space for more ideas to blossom then just what is already here." - Places to go in St. Petersburg

Hell yeah it is!
I've had the privilege of performing with and in front of really nice people in this funky, friendly space before and I'm excited about two opportunities I have to do so again...

"Late Night at Kymatic Studios"
Friday, November 20 @ 10:00 pm

"Late Night at Kymatic is an underground show in Saint Petersburg, Florida that showcases local talent, shooting in the warehouse art district and in the Kymatic studios with hosts Dan McCune and Jason Beck. The show comes to you every saturday at midnight. filmed by Don Becknell and music by RusselTamsen. The show tries to feature local artists of all varieties and businesses in the area."

I'll be a guest on the show which will be recorded tonight at 10 and available on YouTube afterward.

"Jam Night at Kymatic Studios"
Wednesday, December 2 @ 8:00 pm

They bill this as an open mic, but it's much more of an actual show than what you'll find at a typical open mic. Poetry, music, different types of performance art and, of course, stand-up comedy.

I'll be performing as a featured act that night, my first time having the honor of that designation.

The joint is located at 2436 Emerson Ave S in St. Petersburg. It's near Tropicana Field and not far from all the fun places up and down Central Ave. They love me there and I love them back just as much. Come on out and get some love too.

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