Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cracked Out

Cracked magazine, perennially the Burger King to Mad magazine's McDonald's recently reformatted itself, taking on a hipper and (gasp!) funnier edge. I read the first new issue and liked it enough to go ahead and subscribe. I mean, it wasn't as great as any of the classic era National Lampoons or Spy in it's heyday but it was at least as good as The Onion.
Two issues later, it's over. "New" Cracked, as a magazine, has folded (it lives on as a web site, which is fine unless you've ever tried to take a web site into the bathroom with you. I'm just sayin'...) after a total of three issues.
This leaves a total of exactly zero worthwhile humor magazines in existence. Mad just flat-out stinks now. Each issue is about as thick as a standard comic book and takes lame, half-hearted potshots at whatever the hottest tv shows, movies or products are at the moment (ironically enough, exactly the kind of waste product that used to fill the pages of Cracked). I'd be willing to bet that the issue on the newsstands right now is chock full of jokes about Grey's Anatomy, iPods and Ghost Rider. Cripes, if I wanted that, I'd buy Entertainment Weekly. And I don't want that.

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