Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Family Matters

My family lives up in the Midwest, in the northern Indiana/southern Michigan area. My mom called yesterday to tell me that my aunt was in the hospital, in fairly serious condition. It looks like she’s going to be ok, but the doctors aren’t exactly sure what the problem was/is, although I have no doubt that it is somehow minivan related. The beauty of this story is that mom called me after spending the weekend in the hospital herself. As it turns out, when my aunt got sick, my cousin wasn’t able to find mom and literally had to call a couple of hospitals to track her down before she could tell her about it. I thought that kind of thing only happened on TV and in movies. I found out this part of the story after calling my cousin to get my sister’s phone number, which I thought I had but oops, I didn’t. Of course, neither she nor my sister (the person with whom I would have shared a womb for nine months had we been twins, which we are not) called me because I’m running around somewhere in Florida, doing whatever it is I do. Which, I think they believe might consist of wagering on jai alai, cruising around in an airboat, screwing up elections, drinking umbrella drinks and not having a telephone. The whole confluence of circumstances makes me think that if my family was made up of characters from movies, I'd be Uncle Buck.
At any rate, I’m apparently harder to find than, well, my mom.

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