Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok, maybe I've found my next creative pursuit after all.

Recently I tagged along with some artsy-fartsy friends to this place. The way it works is you buy something, paint it, they do crazy stuff to it with an oven and some voodoo. One week later you come back and take it home. This is known as "ceramics". It's where coffee cups, doggie dishes, Christmas decorations and lawn gnomes come from. When I was a kid my mom, aunt and grandmother all did it but I never participated. However, it's apparent that I must be genetically inclined for ceramics mastery because VOILA!:
See, it's a bowl to eat cereal from. I like to eat cereal late at night so it's got a late night theme with a moon and stars and shit on it. Here's my special recipe for late night cereal...

1) Pour all ingredients together into cartoonishly enormous homemade purple ceramic bowl
2) Eat it (NOTE: I recommend using a spoon)

Feel free to print this out and stick it on your fridge. I promise I won't sue.

As you can plainly see, this is the perfect bowl for this special recipe! When I finish eating all the cereal, I'm rewarded with the clever play on words painted at the bottom and I go to bed with a chuckle. Is there a better way to go to bed at night? I submit to you that there is not!

If you don't have one (which you don't because I only made one) and want one (and honestly, how could you not at this point?), send me $37.50 and I will make one and send it to you. I will even personalize it at no extra charge!


Anonymous said...

NICE Blog :)

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citizen jane said...

That is stunning. I can see how the cereal and milk (great recipe, by the way) will look especially good up against that purple. It's all about presentation, really.

You seem to have the knack for ceramics mastery indeed.

Gadzooks64 said...

$37.50 for a cereal bowl?

I'd laugh but I'm pretty sure I've paid more for less.


BTW, I took my kids to one of those places when they were younger and they made some of the cutest stuff you've ever seen. Heirlooms that they'll take with them to show to their kids I'm sure.

So, how much for a ginormous, single serving salad bowl?

Laura said...

I'm in. But can I request a hot pink bowl?

Why, it's Clark! said...

Jane: Thanks!

'Zooks: It's a unique, one-of-a-kind collectible, breathtakingly beautiful piece of art...THAT YOU CAN EAT OUT OF!! It's a bargain at TWICE that price! Plus it includes shipping, so you know, come on.

Laura: I'm running a special - any 23-year-olds with the poor judgement to have gone out on a date with me get 1/2 price.

Your FAVORITE aunt said...

As one of the three most influential people in your life (you named 'em - I didn't), I can only say it's about damn time you sarted using those talents we slaved to instill in you AND to give us due credit for your success !

The bowl, in all respects, is spectacular, to say the least (and from what I've heard, Mom is eternally grateful you are now buying your own cereal) !

However, my favorite nephew, I do think you dismissed the Brigadoon project too quickly. You also "inherited" your singing and dancing ability...a story about four dancing bears I'll reserve for another time...