Wednesday, May 07, 2008

When dummies collide

These two vehicles were involved in a minor accident this morning where North Ashley Drive and Tampa Street merge. "Minor accident" for the sake of this discussion is defined as one where A) nobody is injured and B) the automobiles involved can still be driven. "Discussion" in this case is defined as "me, ranting". As you can see, the drivers parked their cars right in the middle of the street, exactly where the accident occurred. They did not move their vehicles out of the way, probably under the belief that it's now a crime scene, the integrity of which must be preserved so that the police can determine who is at fault and administer justice accordingly.
Yeah. That isn't going to happen.
A mobile crime unit is not going to be dispatched to measure tire tracks. Witnesses are not going to be interrogated. A computer-generated animated model of the incident is not going to be produced and studied. Nothing is going to be looked at with a magnifying glass or picked up with tweezers and placed carefully in ziplock baggies to be analyzed in a lab.
What is going to happen is one cop will show up, determine who screwed up (because that's all that happened), write a ticket or two and, oh yeah, have the dumbasses move their cars out of the way so they don't cause more vehicles to collide and/or someone to get run over. Or for the sake of this discussion, a major accident.

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citizen jane said...

I know the area of which you speak -- and have also been on the periphery of such a fender-bender myself. I'm ranting right along with you.... grrrrrr.