Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life is good!

This is a beautiful time, people. Look around you! The air smells cleaner. Food tastes better. Orange juice is juicier and oranger. All because THE NEW YORK YANKEES ARE IN LAST PLACE! It is truly a Golden Age and we owe it to ourselves to celebrate.

This won't turn into another "Yankees Suck" blog. There are millions of those out there and I have nothing new to contribute. I'm just saying that the fundamentally evil entity that has done more to destroy baseball than Barry Bonds getting 4 to 1 odds from Pete Rose that he can't hit a home run with a bat made entirely out of trenbolone during a labor stoppage and the entitled front-runners who follow them are currently wallowing in shame and self-pity, which is just cause for all non-evil people to take the opportunity to break out in spontaneous dances of unbridled joy in public. That's all.

Go Rays!


citizen jane said...

Well said, my friend.

Boooooooo Yankees!

Yay! Rays!

Laura said...

Don't worry. Even after this post, you are still my favorite date! :)