Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yet another Team Daddy-O Update

This past Wednesday, May 6th, was the 2008 Relay For Life wrap-up meeting and awards banquet. We were recognized as a Bronze team for raisng over $3000.00. We also finished second among new teams in spirit points and won the overall award for best banner (our snazzy retro logo featured on my two trophies here).
I think I've mentioned most of this already. What I have not mentioned previously is that we're raising the bar significantly and shooting for a goal of $10,000.00 next year. There's no real reason we can't do this. We have an entire year and we know what we're doing now.
So first of all, a sincere THANK YOU to all readers of this blog who contributed this year. I'll be counting on your help again in the future.
Starting now, actually. While we're not yet ready to collect money, we do have a brand spankin' new MySpace page where soon you will find photos, fundraising event updates and more. Please visit ...often!... and if you have a MySpace account, add us as a friend. You'll notice that we actually have a bonafide celebrity among our friends already; comedian and author Robert Schimmel who's performed on Letterman, Conan and the Tonight Show numerous times. The more we can get the word out by any means available, the more we can raise. Who knows, maybe $10,000.00 will prove to be a conservative goal.

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