Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Imagine what the OLD place must have looked like..

The reason a lot of companies went bust, even before the economy staggered around drunkenly and then fell down in front of an oncoming subway train, is that a little taste of success made them too ambitious to expand and they couldn't manage their own growth. Too much, too soon and they simply became too big to not fail. However, a few companies have been able to resist that urge, take a more conservative approach to expansion and as a result, appear to be in good position to weather the current economic shitnami. Perhaps no company anywhere in America adheres to and exemplifies this philosophy of slow-and-steady growth more strenuously than Tampa's own Matassini Seafood:
That's right. Next year, Matassini Seafood will be celebrating a full century in business and this is their home office & #1 (and only) store:
Wow! What do you suppose we have to look forward to in the next 100 years? A new screen door? A fourth chair? A second letter R for the marquee?
Only time will tell.
(Because my camera is on the fritz, and not likely to recover, all photos here were taken by The 23-Year-Old, a big chicken who has no clue what a real ghetto is...)

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