Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Most Interesting Show In The World

Last night, The 23-Year-Old and I went to Skipper's Smokehouse to see The Most Interesting Show In The World, a free show sponsored by Dos Equis beer. It was kind of an odd mix of concert, burlesque and circus sideshow, tying in with Dos Equis "The Most Interesting Man In The World" theme from their commercials

Tons of free beer, wildly diverse and bizarre entertainment and the weather was perfect at one of my favorite local venues, all for the low, low price of $0. We had a great time. It was totally a corporate PR event, with constant reminders to keep pounding that delicious free Dos Equis beer, but it was still fun and within my budget. Unfortunately, this was the next to last date on the tour so unless you're in Ft. Lauderdale tonight, you'll have to wait and see if they come to your town next year. If so, definitely check it out. Here are some pictures from last night...

The Most Interesting Man In The World, who is a take-off on all those Chuck Norris jokes that were so popular a couple of years ago, wasn't actually there but I had my picture taken with him anyway.

This is Fishbone frontman Angelo Moore, who was the host for the evening, performing with beatboxist (is that a word?) Phatima Butterscotch. I've loved Fishbone forever, so I'd have gone just to see him perform.

This is The Human Slinky. You know those creepy looking flapping, gyrating inflatable tube people that businesses put up by the side of the road for advertising? This was like one of those...only with an actual person inside.

This is Melody Sweets who performed a couple of old school burlesque strip teases. She had to feel welcome because if there's one thing Tampa is, it's stripper-friendly.

I love Skipper's but I'm not sure it was the right venue for this show, simply because the stage is not very big, as illustrated in this picture. By the time you put a band and speakers and other equipment up there, you don't have a lot of room for knife throwing exhibitions. This is comedian/juggler/knifist (is that a word?) Mark Faje who also caught a flaming bowling ball with steak knives sticking out of the holes on the side of his head with a live scorpion down his pants. Seriously.

Here's Angelo and as many of the crowd that could possibly fit on stage during the grand finale. But who is that gentleman just off center and what is he wearing...?

Oh lawd, it's The Senator, one of Tampa's most (in)famous clubgoers, decked out in his some of his trademark lingerie. Depending on who you ask, and by the people who wanted their pictures taken with him, HE might actually be Tampa's Most Interesting Man In The World.

(all photos taken by The 23-Year-Old, who took waaaay more pictures of The Senator than necessary. Hmmm...)


Anonymous said...

#1 that mustache alone qualifies YOU as MIMITW

#2 Holy sheiss! That's a BASS SAX that Angelo Moore is holding! WTF!

#3 that's not an inflatable slinky, its an inflatable pee pee. In rainbow, no less (so I guess that makes it a giant inflatable gay pee pee)

3# where DOES the Senator get that FINE looking lingerie?! That chiffon number really covers up his usual "homicidal pedophile" look and turns into a sparkling "confused janitor" kind of look.

Why, it's Clark! said...

#1 Why thank you!
#2 Yep!
#3 Nope!
#4 I don't get it but people LOVE that guy! It was suggested that I develop a hook of some sort like that. I politely declined.