Friday, November 06, 2009


Imagine your favorite team making it to the Super Bowl. Imagine if everybody around you was as excited as you were about it. Imagine if everywhere you went, everything you did, that's all anyone talked about. That's what the holidays are like for most people. It can become overwhelming but ultimately it's an enjoyable, memorable experience shared with loved ones or at least like-minded others.
Now imagine all of the above...except it's not your team that's in the Super Bowl. That's what my holidays are like.
Last year, almost to the day, I made a sincere, concerted effort to really get into the spirit of things, power of positive thinking and all that bullshit, but when the rubber meets the road, that's just like feeding false data into a computer. I can input 1 + 1 all day long but the answer is never going to come up 3. This year, I'm making a sincere, concerted effort to not bother with it.
So I'm only mentioning this just this one time, while it's still early, just to get it out there and then I'm dropping it. It's not about "bah, humbug" or being anti-anything. I'm not going to ruin anybody else's fun by criticizing the holidays or those who enjoy them. Quite the contrary. Anybody who can enjoy the season, by all means, should. It's just not for me, okay?
We now return you to your regular programming. It's just that everything isn't meant for everybody and this is just one of those things that isn't meant for me, that's all.


Wildhair said...


...and the pleying of Christmas music non-stop on any given day is just too much for me. Rather than waiting until Thanksgiving to start piping in what is often the worst culmination of tunage on Earth, it seems to be working its way in right after Halloween. ARGH!

Our Vanilla Life said...

Soooo,are you saying that the Bucs won't make it to the play-offs this year?
And since when did Thanksgiving stop existing as a holiday?

Why, it's Clark! said...

Thanksgiving is absolutely included.