Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Muffin update: My big ask

When it comes to fundraising, you can be as (so-called) cute and (so-called) clever as you want, but when the rubber meets the road, you're just going to need to ask your friends to give you some money. That's where we are in the campaign right now and so that's what I did last night.

"As you may or may not know, I’m involved as a participant in the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life fundraiser. Although I try to go about it in a lighthearted manner, it is something I take seriously. As such, you can either read all the silliness I’ve put into this year’s campaign (which involves coercing a local restaurant into naming something…a muffin…after me) by going to my blog. Or you can just read and respond to this note, the one and only pitch I will make to you.

I’m about $1100 short of my personal goal of $1500 right now. But if 110 of you could manage to donate just $10, we could knock that out, no problem. Or if 11 of you wanted to donate $100, that would be fine too. Even better, if one person wants to be a hero and donate $1100, we’ll be all set. Although, knowing me and the way I am, I would probably come back next year and ask you to donate $2200 so maybe we should just leave that can unopened.

I know times are tough. I know you’re all busy. I know many of you have causes of your own (some of which I have supported…just sayin’). If you can’t make a donation for whatever reason, I understand completely and it’s no problem. If you can, it’s deeply appreciated. Like I said, this is a one-time thing and I promise I won’t bother you again (this year). It’s just that I wouldn’t be doing my job as a participant in this event if I didn’t at least ask, that’s all.
Thank you very much."

OR MAIL CHECKS AND/OR MONEY ORDERS (payable to The American Cancer Society) TO ME AT:
3655 Coopers Pond Drive, #202,
Tampa, FL, 33614

And if you'd like to RSVP for the Muffinquest party at Tre Amici, you can do so here.


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