Sunday, April 03, 2011

Muffin update: the waiting is over

All the waiting room is a stage
 Friday night, I participated in "The Waiting Room", a performance art installation by Ellen Mueller at the USF Contemporary Art Museum. My role? To stand in line and wait while art patrons, who were there for "Starting Fires", USF's MFA Graduation Exhibition, observed and interacted with us. What was I wating for? It depended on who asked and what was on my mind when I did so. Among my answers to the question, "what are you waiting for?":
"A best-selling novel that's not about moody vampires"
"A frozen pizza that actually tastes good"
"A career rebound for Kevin Costner"
"Test results. My pet trout might have rabies"
"A job interview" What kind of job? "Mime sweeper"
And my favorite exchange (with the cutest girl...go figure)
"The new mice" What do you mean? "Well, yesterday they had mice" Okay, so? "So today they're getting some new ones" And that's what you're waiting for? "Well, I'm certainly not going to wait in line for two hours for old mice. What am I, a weirdo?"
As with all of Ellen's projects, at least the ones with which I've been involved, it was bizarre and fun. Some people actually stood in line with us. Then on Saturday afternoon, sopmebody on the street stopped me and said, "were you part of an art exhibit last night?" Why, yes. Yes I was. "You were amazing! I really thought you were waiting for something!"
Suck on that, Marlon Brando.

Meanwhile, we're waiting for those dollar numbers to creep up and we're running out of time in Muffinquest, so...
OR MAIL CHECKS AND/OR MONEY ORDERS (payable to The American Cancer Society) TO ME AT:

3655 Coopers Pond Drive, #202,
Tampa, FL, 33614

And if you'd like to RSVP for the Muffinquest party at Tre Amici, you can do so here.

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ellenm said...

great post Clark! Thanks for blogging about the project :)