Monday, May 23, 2011

Take me down to Gaga's farm

In a seemingly unlikely partnership between pop culture phenomena, singer/songwriter/performance artist Lady Gaga has teamed up with game/obsession/time-waster FarmVille in a cross-promotion for Lady Gaga's upcoming album "Born this Way". FarmVille is a game where you can farm with your friends; now FarmVille is a game where you can farm with a woman who shoots sparks out of her boobs.
As I've mentioned here before, I play FarmVille. And as I've mentioned here before, while I'm not really a fan of Lady Gaga, I "get" her now and we co-exist in peace. Also, she was funny on this week's Saturday Night Live so she earns even more credit from me for that. However, I have friends who are huge fans of hers. One of them, plays, or used to play, FarmVille but I hadn't interacted with her in the game for a while so I mentioned the promotion to her...

ME: "Are you still playing FarmVille? Lady Gaga is all over the place. You can win her new album."
HER: "I haven't played in a long time. I heard about that but when I went back to my farm, it was gone."
ME: "Your farm was gone? Damn, did the government seize your land?"
HER: "I don't know what happened. How am I going to win some Gaga?"
ME: "I don't think you can. I guess you have to start over. I didn't know you were a Native American."
HER: "Shut up. That sucks. I used to run FarmVille." 
ME: "And now you have nothing, displaced with no regard for your rich heritage."
HER: "Damn it."
ME: "I think you should go play ReservationVille. You level up to a casino by selling discount cigarettes to white people. If you do it without becoming an alcoholic, you win a Los Lonely Boys CD."
HER: "Um, I'm pretty sure they're Mexican..."
ME: "And I mean one of the Los Lonely Boys' CDs, from their personal collection in a case under the passsnger seat in their car. No cover, with the artist's name written on it in Sharpie."
HER: "That actually sounds like a pretty good game! I would play that!" 


Marissology said...

On Amazon Born This Way is released today and for only .99 one can pick up the entire digital album. That's a penny short of a dollar for, like, 12 tracks. NO FARMVILLE required.
You're welcome.

Jeff Hickmott said...

That would be great, if she weren't so gag-inducingly unlistenable.

mumbai deals said...

i still love the farmville. :)