Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interview: Marissa Rapier

If you recall the months of madness that were Muffinquest (and honestly, how could any of us possibly forget?), you may remember that I made some promises. Well, I'm just now getting around to making good on those promises. Which is why today's blog post is an interview with writer/fitness advocate/actress/scientist/mom and anti-cancer warrior in her own rite, Marissa Rapier, the pride of Kankakee, Illinois. Hers is among my all-time favorite blogs and I've been following it (and her) for a long time so she has definitely been an influence and inspiration to me. So why did she agree to get involved with Muffinquest and put herself at risk of being "rewarded" in this fashion? "I HATE CANCER. It was a no brainer to donate to your cause. Currently my sister lives with it. She's gone through two rounds of chemo and the bastard tumor refuses to move out. It is less active. So, that's a good thing. She manages to find joy in living in spite of issuing numerous eviction notices to the beastly offender. A real inspiration to those who tend to piss and moan about life being so unfair in the face of trivial matters."

How long have you been blogging and what got you started?
I think it all began late in 2007 on Blogger. Originally, it was named "Mental Origami." I quickly learned that there were other blogs with the same name. Since the moniker WILDHAIR is what I'd been known as in the AOL Chat room world, it seemed a more likely title. That's when I added Wildhair. It is based on a nickname a guy gave me when I lived in Georgia.It is literally about my hair, which was long and curly at that time, not that wild hair we all tend to have up our butts.

Your blog, Marissology, is subtitled "Love, life and pursuit of the perfect bra". How goes the search?
Oy! What a task. Neither love nor bras seem to be found locally. The fit is never right. Nothing seems available for my unique needs. I search online and hope that what I what I find will be suitable. Unfortunately, upon first inspection, the pictures and descriptions don't live up to what exists in reality. I typically keep what arrives and hope that a fondness will grow even though it feels binding or uncomfortable. Eventually, the discomfort outweighs the perks. I ditch it and go in search of a more suitable fit. Due to what seems an impossible quest, I've begun my collection of unicorns tchotchkes and cats. I'm thinking kaftans and turbans will be suitable in case I throw in the towel on hitting my goal weight. No bras required!
Bra (metaphor)
Your blog used to be titled "Wild Hair". What happened?
My involvement in Beachbody convinced me Wildhair wasn't a good 'brand' name. Due to that I bought the domain Marissology and moved over to WordPress. I kind of which I hadn't. I'm making it work, though. I think. Maybe. I haven't fully bonded with the name. It seems to have murderated my muse. The focus shifted from 'love, life and pursuit of the perfect bra" to something totally weight loss based. I'm still struggling to get fit and drop the excess weight but there is so much more to my life observations than eating this not that.

What's the buzz in Kankakee?
Well, word on the street is that we're getting an Old Navy or Gap outlet store next to the WalMart. Recently added was a store called FIVE BELOW. Apparently nothing is over $5.00.
Kankakee. Illinois (artist's interpretation)
You are a lab manager. Does that mean you make science?
I make glasses in about an hour. Funny thing is that I was happy dawdling through my 'career' as a Lead Technician. Then one day I walk into work and my GM shows me a confidential email. It was a list of appointed Lab Managers and the stores where they'll be assigned. My name was on the list to take over in the store where I've been working since '05. Initially, I was livid! No one asked me. Technically, I wasn't supposed to see that email until receiving an offer. Duh. Needless to say, I'm making the most of that additional $.42 an hour.

Is Shakeology a science? The study of the ancient history of shaking?
It is!! 70 core ingredients make it a stand out in the world of meal replacement drinks. It is pretty tasty and it helps ya poo! With a low glycemic index -- 24 on a scale of 50 being considered low it is diabetic friendly. OK, enough infomercialization of your blog. Next question, pleas;e!

I happen to know that Lisa Coleman, as in "Wendy & Lisa" from Prince & the Revolution, gets her glasses at LensCrafters. Have you ever made glasses for any celebrities?
The stores I've worked in, Gainesville, Ga and Bourbonnais/Kankakee, IL., don't typically encourage celebs to roll through. Once a dude claimed he was from Kool and the Gang and promised us all tickets to their next show. Uh, sure. He was quite demanding. Then, this chick came in with her son and some dude who was footing the bill. She kept her bigger-than-her-head sunglasses on even though it was dusk and she was indoors. It is not as if she was Bono. One of our associates recognized her from the VH1 program featuring Chad Ochocinco. I think I just violated some HIPPA laws.

Yes, rock godesses DO shop at LensCrafters!

As a professional in the eye-care industry, am I wrong for thinking it's crazy to let someone have at my eyes with a laser beam?
I think Family Guy got it right regarding that procedure:

I like girls that wear glasses. Is it true that men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses?
Your appreciation for bespectacled dames is ... appreciated. I haven't had a date or an invite of such in over three years. I'd have to say it is true. Surely it has nothing to do with my personality or oversized body type.

Any plans to return to the stage in the near future?
It would be nice. The hard work is something a pain. The drama behind the stage curtain is obnoxious. For some, a diva attitude exists in community theater. The whole Lab Manager gig is cramping my style. Evening rehearsals and weekend performances don't jive with a retail work schedule. Next season our local theater group is doing HAIRSPRAY. That would be fun.

What's your take on "American Idol"? This year and the whole phenomenon?
What a hot mess!! This Simonless season means there is no constructive criticism. Jennifer Lopez needs to stop loving everything. Steven Tyler needs to stop seeming like such a letch. Randy just needs to stop thinking his doughy critiques make him the new Simon. I've been watching and chatting on Facebook with one of Tampa's own, ya know. My remarks are terribly snarky. Many people might not appreciate my commentary. My strong dislike usually goes against the grain. One competitor is from Illinois. I compared her vocal style thusly: "If a singer's voice could be compared to a germy stripper pole it would be Haley's." I laughed.

When will it finally die?
It's already dead! Best impersonation of a ZOMBIE ever!, wait! I'd rather have f-a-a-a-a-ame! F-a-a-a-a-ame!
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