Monday, May 16, 2011

Where were you when the blog went down?

As you may have noticed, or just as likely not noticed, there were no new fart jokes (aka material) posted here last Friday, interrupting what has become a fairly dependable schedule of posts submitted to this site on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. That's because the service I use, Blogger, had issues and was mostly unavailable. I believe the technical term is "took a shit". As far as anybody knows, that is. It's all a big secret for some reason.
I use it because it's free, easy to use and free. I suspect that's why it's so popular with so many people, people who were undoubtedly freaking out when they couldn't access it.
I wasn't one of them, believe it or not. Sure, I was annoyed. I cursed and stomped my feet and probably broke something. But I do that when I accidentally open a hot dog bun on the wrong side. It's standard practice for when things don't go my way (aka standard practice), not freaking out. That's because due to a painstakingly intricate and ultimately pointless system of off-site creation, storage and back-up copies, I didn't actually lose any content and probably never will. Although the glitchness did hamper my ability to edit what I had planned to throw up here last Friday and also today, which is why you're getting this extended disclaimer instead of scathing, pithy commentary on something stupid that somebody (aka I) did.
The other reason I didn't freak out is because unlike many bloggers, I don't make (or lose) any money on this site. That's right, the only benefit I derive from publishing to this site is the gratification I get from the intense, passionate love and seething indifference I receive from you, my loyal and disinterested readers. So keep that in mind, if you don't mind.
And with that, barring further mysterious technical WTFinization over which I have no control, please resume looking forward (or not) to new fart jokes starting this Wednesday!

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