Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dexter lives!

Dexter the kitten who was rescued after being tortured and left for dead in a Hernando County park on June 10th (if you don't know the story and want details on what happened, you can click here but be forewarned that it will make you sick/and or angry) is showing signs of recovery.
It's tempting to go off on a long angry rant about what should be done to the human garbage responsible for this, but ultimately that's not productive. It feels better to concentrate on the remarkable ongoing recovery of the kitten himself. He's far more deserving of attention anyway.
Tiffany Sroca, a veterinary technician at PetLuv Spay and Neuter Clinic, the non-profit organization that has been caring for Dexter, is posting regular updates via their Facebook page. Here's the timeline...
  • June 14: " far the kitten is doing well...."
  • June 15: "To all who have posted, donated, shown care for and cried over the sweet little kitten name Dexter, a thank you is not nearly enough. In reading the comments and talking to people who have called the clinic, it brings us all at PetLuv to tears - you all are simply wonderful. The little boy is quite a fighter... today he had some ups and downs but the fact that he is still alive to see another day is worthy of celebration! It will be a while before we know the extent of the damage and each day seems to bring new advances along with some setbacks. Please to continue to cross all your paws for little Dexter, your love and support seems to be working. More update(s) tomorrow and again, our sincere thanks and best wishes."
  • June 16: "Another day to celebrate for the little guy!! The antibiotics seem to have kicked in, the fever for now is gone and for the very first time.... he ate on his own!! (he had only been eating when force fed) Although it doesn't sound like much but, from where he was only a couple of days ago, this is very good progress. He is able to move a little bit more although still very very unsteady... but again, an improvement from the day before. Let's hope for a grrrrreat day tomorrow and continued progress. The support is so very overwhelming and it is truly an inspiration to all of us. Your prayers and well wishes are working. On behalf of little Dexter.... Thank You!!! :))"
  • June 17: "To all those following Dexter's progress, I will try and get an update soon (I'm not working again till Monday but will post if there are major changes) best wishes to all and have a great weekend."
  • June 20: "Hope everyone had a great weekend... our little friend Dexter is still holding strong!!! Yay Dexter!!! Must be all the well wishes and support. Although there have been no major advances, there have been no set backs either which, in situations like this... that's great!!!! More updates as I get them and continue to keep all paws crossed for this very special little guy."
  • June 20 (2nd update): "Very happy to share the following update: He continues to eat on his own and after he makes a mess of himself by stepping in the food he is grooming his paws!! Over the weekend he started using the litterbox too!!! Now, here is the most exciting update.... he is very happy when following a little laser light toy! Yup, signs indicate that the little man can see it (or maybe shadows of it) when it's very close.... yay!!!! Again, can't stress enough that he has a long way to go BUT for now, he is progressing. Hope your Monday is going well, best wishes to all and keep all those paws crossed for our little furry fighter!! :)))"
  • June 21: "... Dexter continues to do well. No real changes to report... but no setbacks either - Yay!!! Will try and get more pictures over the next couple of days (maybe even a little video if we can get him to play!!) Many folks have made donations both calling the clinic and via our website... Thank you one and all, can't say it enough... the support is overwhelming and greatly appreciated. There have been requests to visit the little guy, unfortunately that is not a possibility. He is still a critical care patient and we must take all precautions to keep him progressing. From all of us at PetLuv and on behalf of little Dexter.... THANK YOU!!! :)))"
  • June 22: "If this doesn't make you smile, nothing will :)) the latest picture of our furry fighter. Dexter is getting a checkup today and boy does he look fabulous!!! Great way to start an otherwise jam packed PetLuv day!!! More updates in a little bit... This was a must post pic though, don't ya think???"

  • June 23: "Dexter had a great day today, thought you all would appreciate a couple of highlights of his day .... he keeps it basic: play, eat, sleep repeat... :)) Have a great weekend. Will update more on Monday"
  • June 27:  "A very Happy Monday to everyone!! Here is the latest update on our furry fighter, Dexter... he now weighs in at 1.8lbs!!! and after getting checked out by the Vet, he got his first vaccine... such a brave kitty! All that excitement meant a mid day nap was a must (and yes, he sleeps with his eyes shut). He is doing very well and is starting to play more... will try and capure that too :)) Thanks to all for checking in and more updates soon."
Not bad for a little guy who had a severely swollen brain, was suffering seizures and convulsions and couldn't eat, drink or control bodily functions when he arrived and was described as not much more than "a ball of fur and a heartbeat".

Here are some links to coverage in the local media:


Jessie said...

"Four witnesses at the park, authorities say, watched Frazier and her two boys — one 8 years old and the other 5 — torture the kittens."

Really. They "watched." *sigh* Anyway, so happy that this little fighter is doing better!

Why, it's Clark! said...

Yeah, part of what keeps me from condemning the people accused of this is that the story doesn't seem 100% credible to me and the witnesses who say they watched it all go down without getting involved is a big part of it. Based on what's been reported, I can't say I wouldn't have reasonable doubt.

Dixie said...

What a cutie!! Who the HELL would do that though? I just don't (and don't want to) understand... What a nice thing though. Hopefully animals don't remember bad things like humans do.

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