Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold for Go Go

When it comes to soccer, there are two kinds of people, lovers and not-so-muchers. As someone who has made what I feel is a generous share of attempts to develop an appreciation for the game, including being involved professionally with the game at a fairly high level (PA announcer for an NCAA Division I women's soccer team), I am solidly in the second group. Sorry. I don't trash the game because I know it's not going to sway the opinion of those who love it and I have nothing to gain by trying to do so. I just don't care for the game, that's all.
But as it turns out, there actually is a third group of soccer fans; those who get excited by all the spectacle and hoopla when it's played out on a global stage and there's some national, common-ground rooting at stake. And it looks like I;m actually one of those people instead. So I was disappointed when the US National Team lost the Women's World Cup championship game to Japan on Sunday. Their run leading up to that game was a lot of fun and I was definitely hoping they'd cap it off with gold medals. With a less than passionate interest in the game itself, I'll be able to recover pretty easily though. Also making it easy to recover is the fact that we lost to Japan. For one thing, after the year they've had, it's difficult to feel less than happy when anything goes their way. Plus, culturally, I think of Japan as a lovable oddball cousin whose eccentric behavior baffles and embarrasses other relatives...which is a huge part of what makes them so lovable. 

What's not to love?

So congrats Team USA. Great job, we're proud of you and thanks! And congrats to Japan. Enjoy those gold medals and here's hoping this is a sign that all the misfortune of the last year is behind you now.

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