Friday, February 10, 2012

Revisiting Carol's Corner (part 3)

(Note: I have been taking a brief hiatus to deal with a personal matter and plus I am was out of LOLZ anyway. So I've taken this opportunity to re-run some previously published items submitted by my mom. I hope you enjoyed it. Otherwise, new fart jokes coming your way again next Monday. -- C)

Grocery Stores (June 16, 2009)
(Something my mom and I have in common; we see weird things happen in grocery stores...)
Today on my lunch hour I decided to go to the local grocery store which is right around the corner. It is a locally owned small chain on the order of Florida’s Publix. I only got 3 items so I went to the quick check out lane. As I am approaching the counter I see a man with a big cardboard box on the counter. I get next to him and see that he is buying a chain saw!! Now, this is just a grocery store chain not a mega store like WalMart. Of course they also had whole boneless ribeyes at $4.99 a pound. Maybe the idea is to get a whole ribeye and the chainsaw so you can go home and slice your own steaks. OK I understand now.
On my way home from work there is a Kroger store which I stop at also. They send out a weekly flier and last year they had a sale on Lean Cuisine dinners. Now the problem I had with this one is that if you bought 10 of the frozen dinners you got ½ gallon of ice cream for free. Isn’t that defeating the whole purpose?
I lead a pretty boring life. I guess that most of my excitement seems to come from the simple task of grocery shopping. Well, I guess we get our thrills where we can.

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Okay thats nice but are you going to get back to being funny again or do I need to give up on you and look elsewhere? LOL