Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hyperbole must die!

There's an internet meme called "breading". What is it? Well, I'm very glad you asked. Because what it is is tearing a small hole in a piece of bread, putting it on your cat's head, taking a picture of it and posting it on line, as seen in the accompanying photograph:

(Note: This is NOT my cat)

Is it unquestionably pointless and irredeemably stupid? Yep.

Is it anything else? Nope.

But that doesn't stop people on Facebook from having really unnecessarily strong opinions about it...

"These cats don't look very happy a few look down right scared." - somebody named Teresa

"How sad." - somebody named Chris

"Really? Really? The cats don't think it's funny." - somebody named Janet

"Nice that some people have food to waste while others are starving" - somebody named Christine

Even though it's not my thing, I know there are a lot of people who get a big kick out of being righteously indignant. And if getting all worked up about cats with a piece of bread on their heads at the expense of all the starving people without bread to put on their heads keeps them from straying off and casting judgment on what's right and wrong about which people are sticking what objects into whichever other people's orifices, then by all means, have at it. I don't think the cats are in any serious discomfort but if couching it as anti-cruelty to animals helps, even better (Do I think the cats like it? No, probably not. I don't put bread on my cats heads. They do like chewing on electric wires and I don't let them do that. Come at me, Sarah McLachlan!). Of course, somebody always has to take it just a bit too far...

"This is why America is in trouble......stupid idiots have nothing better to do" - somebody named Linda

I'm not even going to comment on the obvious irony of someone taking time to sit down and comment on the internet about idiots (the stupid kind) with nothing better to do. But I am going to take issue with their basic premise; that being if people who put bread on cat's heads would simply apply themselves, we could eliminate poverty, health problems and the Westboro Baptist Church.

I'm sorry, but people who make proclomations about what's wrong with America are what's wrong with America.


Ruprecht said...


Now I want to butter that cat in the picture above.

Does this make me wrong? In America?

Or will it simply get me in trouble with the Land O'Lakes, Inc. people?

Garnet Lese said...

I think that would be a great Land O' Lakes ad campaign - a cat with a piece of bread around its face and a big ol' pat of butter right on the nose. My cats would like that, lemme tell you.

Now, since I clearly have time on my hands, I am going to buy a loaf of Wonder Bread and wake my cats up... they already know what's wrong with America, by the way. Not enough catnip to save them from crazy owners.

Number Whisperer said...

This is kind of like seeing Jesus in potato chip. But not really.

Toots McGee said...

What if people are going into stores and buying bread expressly for the purpose of putting slices of it on their cats' heads? This fuels the economy, creates profits for the stores that sell bread, the manufacturers and distributers of bread and the farmers that grow the grains (and the other companies that make up the 99% of "bread" that isn't grain).

People putting bread on cats' heads are job creators. Why do these self-righteous haters hate America?, is what I want to know.

If you love America you will post this in your profile, if you can prove you're not a robot, that is.

Garnet Lese said...

Toots, now I am seeing/hearing a bread-on-cats-heads based Superbowl commercial featuring Clint Eastwood. "It's halftime, America, go out there and put bread on your cat's head. And photograph it. It's the least you can do... For America."

Laura said...

Ok Clark,just tried this with my dog,he looked slightly confused then ate the bread,am I bad?

Unknown said...

I think the best thing you can do for your cat is to take them to a restaurant that serves hot bread (like Outback or Carrabbas) and let them climb right up inside the loaf. I base that on how they enjoy laundry fresh from the dryer. I think this is also the worst thing you can do to those restaurants because I'm pretty sure that's a health code violation.
Also, Laura, you shouldn't bread your dog. Because that is silly.