Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coming soon: This blog, rendered in paper!

I haven't been keeping this a secret per se, but somebody pointed out recently that I haven't made an actual formal announcement here on the blog, which is kind of silly, so here it is:
I'm writing a book. More accurately, I'm taking the "best of" from this site and putting it all together into a book.
It will be titled "A Ridiculously Inconsistent Treasury" and will be out very soon, hopefully by Christmas (for obviou$ rea$on$). Part of the reason I was hesitant to make a formal announcement is because it isn't finished yet and I live in a place that is littered with strip malls that have had sun-faded "COMING SOON!" signs hanging in empty storefront windows since the '90s. But in this case, while there's still work to be done, it's finished enough to look like a book. Let's put it this way; if we were building a car, it would be street legal right now. But we want to put a nice paint job, some cup holders and a stereo system in it before you take it for a ride.
And just so you know, my use of "we" is not nosism; I'm referring to a super-talented team that I hand-picked to make this happen.
  • Keri Ramos is handling the editing chores.
  • Jessie Stehlik is doing the illustration and title design.
  • Jessie's husband Pavel was enlisted as photographer.
  • Catherine Durkin Robinson is involved as is the uber-glamorous Amy DeMilo... but you'll have to wait and see exactly how.
In case you think my involvement at this point consists of nothing but copying and pasting content into new documents... well, yeah, I'm doing a lot of that. But I'm also working on a couple of value-added features that (hopefully) will make it more fun than just reading the material here on the blog. Also, I'm making Keri and Jessie miserable with late night phone calls for increasingly unreasonable and mercurial demands. We should have more info, including an actual release date soon. And of course, we'll have at least one party, complete with food, drinks and music. Stay tuned. 
Until then, the video below should illustrate where we are in the whole process right now...

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