Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fear and self-loathing in the ladies room

Gentlemen, we have had finer moments.
In ongoing efforts to keep women under control by leveling their self-esteem at each and every opportunity which tends to give them a general feeling of dissatisfaction with themselves and keeps their self-confidence nice and manageably low, we have done better work than recent efforts, like this or this.
However, just when I was losing faith in us, I come across this...

" not look at me. I have a functional digestive system for which I feel deep shame."
...and realize we've completely redeemed ourselves!
This is on the door of the women's restroom at a restaurant here in Tampa. The men's room has one with a guy dressed as a farmer or something, but he's just standing there. That's all we as males need to know that this is the room men should enter if we need to relieve ourselves. For women, we send that message with an image of a woman squatting somewhere in the middle of a field with her bloomers around her ankles, and not happy about it.
Ho ho! Well done, lads! We remain, geniuses.

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