Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Guns don't kill people, dumpsters might though

Hey, do you know what's kind of obnoxious about this enormous dumpster taking up several prime parking spots in my apartment complex, aside from influencing people from parking their vehicles that way (see the truck in the background)?

It's this sign...

"DO NOT PLAY ON OR AROUND".It doesn't say "DO NOT CLIMB INSIDE AND SCAVENGE FOR FOOD OR SCRAP METAL" or "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE WITHOUT PROPER EQUIPMENT". That's because the first thing someone thinks when they see this thing piled high with construction debris is WEEEEEEEEEEE!! Sure, it doesn't resemble a bouncy castle or a swingset ; it's a dumpster. It's for the disposal of detritus, jettisoning junk and removing rubbish, by self-evident definition, not something to play on or around. Still, somebody thought it was a good idea to remind people not to play around with it. And that's still not even the obnoxious thing; the obnoxious thing is that it's undoubtedly a good and necessary idea. It's almost easier to picture some stupid kid playing around in there than not Or more likely, an "adult". It's certainly easy to understand how the people who own the dumpster wouldn't want to be responsible in any way for some idiot of any age climbing in there and hitting their big dumb head or cutting themselves on a piece of rusty jagged sheet metal, passing out, getting hauled to the dump and buried to death.Who wants to be sued for something so dumb? 
Trust me when I tell you there's nothing fun in, around or about that stupid, nasty dumpster, okay?
Now, does this look infected to you?


Tara Shrodes said...

The phrase "buried to death"made me snarfle out loud while in the waiting room for my car. Now everyone at "Mr Windshield" thinks I'm weird.

Thanks a bunch Clark.

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