Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Record Store Day!

The more you learn about the music business, the more you might feel like you really don't like music. That's because there are so many people in the music business, at both the executive and artist level, that are kind of scummy, mean, nasty and generally just not much fun. But there's danger in thinking that everybody is like that and using a broad brush to paint those who aren't.
One of the still-good guys is Jack White, who's best known as the brains behind the White Stripes and The Raconteurs. He also runs his own record label, Third Man Records, out of Nashville. I've always liked Jack White because he seems to have that 'mad genius' vibe that I find appealing (remember, I'm a Prince fan). He also seems to really love music and recognizes that it should be something that's fun. For example check out this plaything he's installed in his store...

How cool is that!! Debuting just in time for National Record Store Day (is it ironic that the only record stores that still exist are the ones that sell actual records?).
If you're in Nashville, check it out. And pick up one of whatever is made in that Mold-A-Rama that shows up at the 0:42 mark for me.

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