Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The healing has already begun

This is a Facebook status posted by a friend of mine and the comments that followed. It all started around 7:00PM on Monday, April 15th, just about four hours after the explosions in Boston. I copied and pasted them around 11:00PM that night. I altered or eliminated the names and photos of the participants because, well, I didn't ask for permission to use them and if they find out about this and get mad at me, at least I can say they're not being identified. Oh, and I put other pictures in there instead because blog posts that are nothing but text aren't very exciting, and we not only need excitement, we deserve excitement!
Otherwise, I left everything as-is.

Original Post
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Someone please explain to me why, with no one behind me, they have me pull forward to wait for my food at the drive thru.
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Comment 1: 
I think some of those drive thru's have timers on them and keeping you there effects the avg wait time and goes against the store if you are there too long.
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Comment 2:
In the fast food industry all stores are ranked on speed and drive thru times. I'm sure they tell you to pull forward so they can clear the order and make the appropriate times.
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Comment 3:
Did that to me too. I have them the you are a f*#ktard look.
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Comment 4:
I think the entire idea is BS! I went to McDonald's for one of those wraps last week, was asked to pull forward, waited 10 full minutes, went inside, saw the kitchen area was full of food, ON THE FLOOR! and when I asked to talk to the manager (standing right there) he yelled at the staff in front of me, and it still took 4 more minutes for the damn wrap! On another note, I read same fast food was in the news, due to customer outrage they are going to get friendlier, yeah right! SEND RUBY! PLEEEEAAASE!
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Comment 5: 
I had to pull up and wait for an ice cofee one day...duh
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Reply from the Original Poster:
Me too Judy!
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Don't worry about us.
Because no matter what else is happening, we will not lose sight of what really matters. Simply put, there's no way We The People will ever settle for living in a country where we're expected to wait more than 10 minutes for something to eat sometimes (not all the time, but sporadically), especially the latest, trendy McHot Salted Lard item. Nor will we willingly get out of the way so somebody else can be helped while we wait, or tolerate restaurants that don't have at least one designated f*#ktard standing by to pour hot coffee over ice cubes (duh) the second we make that demand, God damn it!
Yep, we're gonna be just fine.

Photos by John Tlumamacki, originally posted here.

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