Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Alpha as in the letter A, as in Alabama (and Aryan)

Come to Alabama (specifically the University of) and join just the whitest white girls ever doing all kinds of precious white things!
Eat popsicles!
Pretend to play football (WARNING: Some football players are Negroes)!
Giggle, lots!
Be pretty!
This is Alpha Phi!

(NOTE: The following is not a tampon and/or yogurt commercial)

Gosh, fraternities and sororities are such meaningful and worthwhile institutions!
Let's play "Where's Wanda?" (HINT: Wanda is black) (NOT SHOWN: Wanda)

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Jeff Hickmott said...

If you ignore the fact that there is not one minority girl in this sorority (at least not that I can see), and ignore the fact that the music ran out 30 seconds before the video ended, and the whole white-girl- in- Daisy-Dukes-runs-faster-than-black-football-player colonialist fantasy, it's actually quite a slick video with lots of aerial shots, slo-mo and quick cuts to liven it up. However, one is left with two questions: 1) How much did this expensive looking video cost, and where did the money come from?, and (b) Besides being an interesting visual effect, what is the actual purpose of blowing glitter from your hand?